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In conversation with my shampoo bottle!

How often do you stare at your shampoo bottle in the washroom?

I’m sure you don’t. Nobody does. Even I did the same thing that day.

Last Tuesday when I got in to take a shower, I carried out my routine chores until something unusual happened. I heard something greet me “Good evening Lady!”

At once I got scared, but soon realized that it must have been my delusion owing to the bad day at work. As soon as I resumed my activities, something louder said “You never bother to look at me don’t you?”

Now this was serious. I bent over to the third shelf and guess what! It was weeping!  My shampoo bottle was weeping. Bizarre enough for me to become clueless, somehow I preferred to stick around.

I asked “Are you for real! I mean alive?”

It sobbed “Does it even matter to you? All you do is replacing me once I’m finished.”

Trust me, this was going way bizarre than one could have ever imagined.

In my defence I stated” Yeah, so what’s the big deal! You are a shampoo and your job is to clean my hair instead of falling in love with me.”

It replied “Even if I bring tears to your eyes, you don’t seem to get bothered.”

I somehow justified myself saying “Firstly, I am getting better at using shampoo these days and I don’t hurt my eyes as much as I did earlier. Even if it burns like hell , its just a temporary affair, so why will I bother?”

“Wow! You humans are very interesting.” It exclaimed.

“No matter how irritating or cumbersome it is, no matter how much I make you cry, you still use me!

You know I help you clean your hair and you are sorted with the fact that it’s for own good and you put in the effort. Also you have got better at handling me with time, so that it hurts you less, isn’t it?”

“Then what makes you give up so easily at work? Just because your surroundings and circumstances aren’t favourable at the moment, it does not mean you should quit. May be they are cleansing agents as well. Maybe you are becoming stronger this way, for something truly worth in the future. Knowing it is for your own good, you should fight it out rather than quitting.”

I turned speechless. “Are you even listening to me?”It exclaimed.

I said “Yes, but how do you know me? How are you even doing this?”

“I sensed your brain for the last 15 days only to realize that you are in a difficult situation and needed help”the container replied.

“How come you never spoke to me earlier?” I cried

It explained “We have rules from the Inanimate Union. It states that we can communicate with humans under supervision and within certain time limits. Also we need to apply for it .I did it five days earlier and got it approved today.”

In response I said “Thank you so much. I have certainly gained a fresh perspective to my problems. I really wonder what made me even think of quitting the job.”

I continued blabbering self-motivational speeches Wand suddenly realized that I was talking to myself. It was gone. Maybe it’s permitted time got over. I got up to take my shower and whispered a thank you to the bottle. Hope the Inanimate Union approves sound signals from humans.

Sitting on the toilet seat with a shampoo bottle in my hand, new life resolutions were made.

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