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Have you ever seen a warrior ?

Have you ever seen a warrior so closely as I have?

Or heard Chinese whispers of courage mighty and large.

To witness this breed is an honour, To embrace tangible valour & chivalry. It demands great fortune of the beholder and discover the diamonds – others can’t see.

Look into their eyes – you find their strange alertness. The preparation of “Come what May!” Holds them strong , for the entire madness.

There are not just beginnings, nor are there ultimate ends but every thing in between, demanding them in every second.

You and me can ask “How long?” But they never feel the need for that. When asked from where comes the strength to suffer? Will power and persistence hold their bat.

Days pass by and war proceeds, with countless setbacks. But  there is no reversal , on reaching this far from their barracks.

True warriors are distinguished with many qualities class apart, to fight- fight back – and keep fighting all attacks.

War comes with a signal not a schedule, to which they commit to the fullest, without restricting themselves by any rules.

It is this chivalry which brings honour, what they don’t talk about are the scars. To tell stories of the dark night and misadventures bizarre


This morning might be sunny, we pray so that it remains bold and bright. But always remember that warrior who faced that stormy night-

so that you and me could see this daylight.

Have you ever seen a warrior so closely as I have?

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